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Children's Sports Facilitators


Stay Active Children’s Sports Facilitators (CSF) are pre-service teachers, child care workers, students currently undertaking a qualification in a related field, or people with previous coaching experience in a local sporting club/association/school or have participated in sport. Our success is due to the quality of our team, who demonstrate a passion for children's health and have a vested interest in delivering physical activity and sports programs with a difference. 


All CSF have obtained and completed the following training and certifications:


  •  Stay Active Training and Induction 

  •  First Aid Certification

  •  DCSI Child Related Employment Screening 

  •  Community Coaching General Principles (CCGP)

  •  RAN-EC 2018-20 Training

  •  Other relevant coaching qualifications

The Stay Active Management Team invests in our staff and provides professional development opportunities for those who share our company's Mission and Vision. 

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