Stay Active delivers physical activity and sports programs to primary school aged children in schools, vacation care and community settings. All programs are designed to focus on four key areas; physical, mechanical, psychological and social, and assist children to meet the National Physical Activity Recommendations, laying the foundation for a healthy and active life. We work in an early intervention and prevention model by encouraging children to develop a passion for physical activity from a young age, enabling a smooth transition to local sporting clubs, school sports teams and other movement-based activities.


Our programs are evidence-based, non-competitive, with an emphasis on participation and ensuring fitness is made fun. Each program targets a range of fitness and ability levels and aligns to the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum and the Playing for Life Philosophy.


We use a Game Sense approach in the delivery of our programs, a method which develops the broader meanings of sport and physical activity, as it focuses on developing thinking through problem solving using physical activity. 


Stay Active recruits, trains and employs the next generation of future educators and those passionate about children’s health, wellbeing and cognitive development.




To educate children to develop healthy habits from a young age and encourage a lifelong passion for sport and physical activity.




To be the leading provider of children's sport and physical activity programs in Australia.


Core Values


Deliver a quality program.    


Influence positive wellbeing.    


Passion for children’s health.

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