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Ultimate Frisbee

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Stay Active has a partnership with Ultimate Australia through Sporting Schools which means you can book us directly for your next Ulti-Mates program. Through modified games, Ulti-Mates introduces students to movement skills including throwing and catching a frisbee. Students will also develop a strong foundation in teamwork and fair play skills through an introduction to Ultimate Frisbee’s unique ‘Spirit of the Game’ concept.

Stay Active can work with your school to assist in developing, implementing and coordinating an Ultimate Frisbee program which can be integrated into your schools existing curriculum. All activities are aligned to learning outcomes and standards from the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

Program content:

Some of the skills students will learn include: grips, throws, footwork, attacking, defending and catching. Using the Game Sense approach, amongst other benefits, students will be engaged in minor and modified game strategies and concepts where there are opportunities to develop both skills and an understanding of the tactics of the game


Stay Active can deliver an after-school ultimate frisbee program ranging from 4 – 8 weeks in duration. Our maximum number of participants is 25, or 30 if there is an allocated teacher/SSO who actively assists every week. We ask that, where possible, the program is offered to an age range of children whom span across no more than three year levels (e.g. years R – 2). This allows our Children’s Sports Facilitators to design a program that is tailored to that specific age group.


To promote ongoing participation in Ultimate Frisbee beyond the delivery of our program, Stay Active and Ultimate Australia recommend purchasing a school pack of 15 Junior Discs. However, subject to availability, our coach can bring this pack with them for the duration of the program. We will discuss this with you at time of booking.


Stay Active coaches have completed Ultimate Australia's Level 1 Community Coaching course which qualifies them to run Ultimate Frisbee programs in primary schools.


Please contact us to obtain pricing details.


Please fill out the contact form or email us at

Please note: all Stay Active Children’s Sports Facilitator’s have a DCSI Child Related Employment Screening/WWCC, RAN-EC Certificate, First Aid Certificate, Community Coaching General Principles Certification and are covered under company insurance.

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