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Physical Education (PE) Week 2021 8th – 12th November

With PE Week just around the corner, how is your school going to promote the importance of Health & PE?

Here at Stay Active we deliver physical activity and sports programs to primary school aged children in schools, vacation care and community settings. We strive to promote the importance of health and physical activity in schools and educate children to develop healthy habits and a lifelong passion for sport and physical activity from a young age.

The importance of PE Week

PE Week emphasises and promotes the importance of Health & PE within the Australian Curriculum to the learning and development of children and young people in schools.

How can your school get involved?

Our PE Week sports programs are a great way to promote the importance of Health & PE and support students to develop a lifelong passion for sport and physical activity. The below packages run for a minimum of 1-hour in duration with 2 coaches and equipment provided. Each session can have a maximum of 30 students per group.

Choose from the below programs:

· MOVEMENT MONDAY: Fitness Bootcamp & Games

Students will participate in fun movement games and fitness circuits and we can guarantee they won't have much energy leftover afterwards!

· TOKYO TUESDAY: Mini Olympics

Your students will be Mini Olympic Superstars by the end of this program! Competing in teams, students will battle it out with Relays, Frisbee Throw, Balloon Volleyball, Soccer Tournament and more!


Your students will be well-beings by the end of this program! In teams, they will get their heart and lungs pumping whilst playing: Ninjas, Mountains & Valleys, All Over Red Rover, Backyard Junk and more!

· TARGET THURSDAY: Traditional Aboriginal Games

Students will participate in a number of traditional target games that come from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies all around Australia. Best suited to Years R - 2.

· FUNDAMENTAL FRIDAY: Multi Skill Fun Fitness

Students will develop their fundamental movement skills, sharpen their locomotor skills, increase their heart rate and practise their teamwork!

Let us come to your primary school and run one of our PE Week packages with your students. For more information, contact us on 0411 639 863 or at Be quick – we will book out!

We used the ACHPER Physical Education Week resource in writing this blog.


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