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All Stay Active programs focus on developing children in 4 key areas:


  1. Physical: Fitness level, agility, strength and fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching and hitting.

  2. Mechanical: Skill acquisition, technique, coordination, movement and muscle control.

  3. Psychological: Decision making skills and problem solving when faced with challenges in sports, games and physical activities, persistence, and resilience.

  4. Social: Self-confidence, peer relationships, fair play, respect for others, sportsmanship and social connectedness.


Multi-Skill Programs


Our Multi-Skill Programs are our signature specialty program. These sessions guide children through a variety of non-sport specific games and activities that not only assist in the development of fundamental movement skills, but sharpen their locomotor skills, increase their heart rate and teach them how to work in a team.


Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are movement patterns that involve a combination of body parts and provide the foundation for confident and competent participation in a range of physical activities. The three components of FMS include:


  1. Body management: involves balancing the body in stillness or in motion, such as static and dynamic balancing, rolling, stopping, landing, bending, stretching, twisting, turning, swinging, and climbing.

  2. Locomotor: involves transporting the body in any direction from one point to another, such as crawling, walking, running, hopping, leaping, jumping, galloping, skipping and dodging.

  3. Object control: requires controlling equipment (for example, bats, racquets or hoops) or objects (such as balls) either by hand or foot by throwing, catching, kicking, striking, bouncing, and dribbling.


Sport Specific Programs


Our Sport Specific Programs allow schools to identify which sport they would like their program tailored to. A Sport Specific Program will assist children to excel at their chosen sport or develop skills in a particular sport they hope to one day compete in. These programs provide children with an opportunity to learn a variety of fundamental movement skills through play and games, which are applicable to various sport activities.


Whilst we have designed these programs to focus on a specific sport, the sessions are delivered in a fun, inclusive, non-competitive way where we take the emphasis off ‘winning’ to maximise participation and learning. Activities are gender-neutral, adjusted to individual skill and ability levels and throughout the session we aim to ensure children are continuously active – no waiting in line or long periods of inactivity.


Sports may include: Athletics, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, AFL, Soccer (Please note this is a non-exhaustive list and sports may vary depending on the schools requirement or available equipment).


Fitness Circuits


Fitness Circuits for children encompass a number of physical activity stations or obstacle courses arranged in a hall, gym or outside area. These programs are high energy and create a fun and inclusive environment.


Each station has a different set of physical activities to be completed before children move to the next station. Due to the variety of activities, circuits develop all components of fitness and a wide range of movement skills.


Activities can include: line jumps, squats, skipping-rope, commando crawls, jumping jacks, running on the spot, and hula-hoop.


Our Programs.

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