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For Parents.


After-School Programs




Stay Active After-School Programs will be delivered at various Primary Schools across South Australia during each school term and target multiple age groups.


These multi-skill fun fitness programs will guide children through a variety of non-sport specific games and activities that not only assist in the development of fundamental movement skills, but sharpen their loco-motor skills, increase their heart rate and teach them how to work in a team. 



3.30pm – 4.30pm


Age Groups:

Junior Primary (Yr. R-2)

Middle Primary (Yr. 3-5)

Upper Primary (Yr. 6-7)



$15 per session (7 week program)


What to Bring:

Water bottle, sunscreen (during warmer months)


What to Wear:

Sports attire and appropriate footwear e.g. sneakers



Please email


Click here to download flyer.

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