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Child Care Programs


Child Care Programs can be a combination of sport-specific or Fundamental Movement Skill (FMS) programs.  Programs can be delivered as  a one-off session, form part of a school holiday program, 2-day sport-specific clinic or be tailored to meet the child care's needs.


Program Highlights:

Our programs aim to compliment the ACECQA's National Quality Framework, in particular Standard 2.1 'Health'.

Flexible packages

Age/skill appropriate

Choose sport or FMS focus

Fun, engaging and dynamic!



Recommended: Programs are divided into specific age groups to cater for each child’s developmental level:


2 y.o. - 20 minutes          

3 y.o. - 30 minutes     

4 y.o. - 40 minutes



Stay Active provides all of their own equipment.


Stay Active's Children's Sports Facilitators are trained to adapt to any space however small or large. A grassed area is recommended however not essential, as long as there is a safe, flat area for the children to move around. Please advise us of the space your child care has available at time of booking.



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